Tips for Using 1 Second Everyday App

Capturing Life with 1 Second Everyday and Tips to Use the App

Tips for Using 1 Second Everyday App

I’m sharing my tips for using the 1 Second Everyday App. One of my most beloved apps that I use daily is 1 Second Everyday. If you follow my Instagram, you have seen these little videos I push out each month. I am obsessed with this app and have been using it every single day since 2018. I wanted to share some tips about how I use it to capture my every day. 

What is 1 Second Everyday? 

Tips for Using 1 Second Everyday AppThis app is exactly what the name says:  1 Second Everyday. it is a daily log of one second from each day of life. Their website tagline is: Life is made of seconds. Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life. I mean how cool is that? 

When the app is open it is a calendar of sorts, laid out with the dates for each day of the year. The user can upload or take a video and crop it to a 1 second clip (longer on the pro version), then the app will mash your week, month, or year. It can even be customized with music, date stamps, and more. 

Why Do I Use 1 Second Everyday? 

Documenting my life is something I have always enjoyed in one way, shape, or form.  I have done so in many different ways over my life. From photo albums, journals, scrapbooks, calendars, to social media and even this blog, the idea of capturing everyday moment is intriguing to me. 

I have tried several different daily photo apps, but they just end up being in there, hanging in the app. I found 1 Second Everyday through Instagram and decided – as I have many times before with apps – to download it and give it a try.

Unlike the majority of those other apps, I actually used this app and love how it works. 

Rewatching these short autobiographical, visual diaries of my life over and over is absolutely delightful and nostalgic for me. They take me back to days and moments I would have long forgotten. I learned to use the app quickly as I went along so I am sharing my tips for using 1 Second Everyday App. It’s very simple, or I would not have stuck with it.

Check out my 1 Second Everyday yearly videos from 2018 and 2019

If you check out the highlights on my Instagram page, you can see my 1 Second Everyday from 2018 and 2019. Each month of 2020 is also in my IG feed. I will add 2020 once it is over. 

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I highly recommend downloading the 1 Second Everyday app and trying it for at least a week or month. Play around with it before committing to purchasing the pro version. None of these links are affiliates and I am not getting paid by the company, although I would not be opposed to it! *wink-wink*

In fact, the company actually gave me a pro version through a contest I won on Instagram. They also sent me a huge box of swag this year which was super cool. I am a fan of this app and appreciate that they re-share their users’ content and recognize their fans. 

I Second Everyday Swag

I am leaving some of my tips below to get started to use the 1 Second Everyday app. 

1 Second Everyday Tips

  1. If you commit to doing this each day, I definitely recommend purchasing the pro version of the app. 
  2. Decide which orientation you want to make your clips before you get in too deep. I started mine in a landscape (horizontal) format, but the app will also allow portrait (vertical) clips. You fan mix them, but I prefer the visual aesthetic of the same format/orientation.
  3. Decide on a theme for your 1 second clips. I have seen a variety of themed 1SE videos, from a video of users’ children, to selfies, to the same view each day, to a home being built. There are endless ideas to document. I choose to use random parts of my day.  (check out their Instagram for more ideas (@1secondeveryday)
  4. Take video clips using your phones video camera, or other app. You can also video straight from the app. I typically take some clips throughout the day and sometimes it’s 2 or 3 days before I add them in the app. 
  5. I do a lot of Instagram stories each day so there have been days when I didn’t capture a separate 1 second clip that I went back and downloaded a IG story clip to use. 
  6. If you are an iPhone user, set your camera to live mode. Those live photos are usually a second or more and come in clutch when I forget to take a video of something. I’ve also used Boomerangs off of Instagram in the same manner. 
  7. Don’t worry about being creative. I have found sometimes the most simple things from the day are the most fun clips in my video. 

capturing everyday moments from my front door

Have Fun with 1 Second Everyday 

Absolutely give this a try and let me know how it goes. I have enjoyed other friends and followers who pick up on this app and post their videos. It is fun to see how others use 1 Second Everyday to document their everyday.  

1 Second Everyday App Tips

Tips for Using 1 Second EverydayApp to Capture Life

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